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School of Spice

School of Spice

Cook real authentic Indian Food

Private cooking lessons in your home…

Cooking one on one…

Learn traditional recipes to cook for your friends

People often ask me how to cook dishes and comment on our family recipes when they come over for dinner.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of cooking, or an experienced cook looking for further inspiration and some more technically challenging dishes, we can help.

The lessons are tailored to each individual needs and dietary requirements. Whether you are planning to cook for a dinner party, just for fun or to broaden your cooking knowledge in your own home. You can have your session one on one or invite a couple of friends over and have a cooking party. Or you can spoil a special person by providing them with a gift experience with our voucher.

Your session does not have to be limited to indian cooking, but we can branch out to italian, spanish or a university starter course for the students who do not know their way around a kitchen.

Keep in mind that you will need some help to eat all of that sensuous food you will be cooking.

Just contact us and we will help in anyway we can.